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                Expand your investment portfolio with alternative and traditional investments all under one umbrella.

                • Equity Trust is a leading custodian of difficult-to-value alternative assets:
                  • Over 45 years of financial service experience
                  • Over 170,000 accounts serviced by 400 dedicated employees
                  • Over $25 billion in assets under custody and administration
                  • Over 1.2 million transactions annually… That’s 3,500 a day!


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                Empowering clients with investment freedom and innovative technology, we deliver a simplified investment experience backed by 45 years* as an industry-leading custodian of tax-advantaged accounts. As an IRS approved custodian, we fulfill the custodial and administrative duties required for each type of investment account you hold.

                INVESTMENT FREEDOM

                Create a customized portfolio of alternative assets as well as traditional investments with a single custodian. You can maximize your account and gain new insights with access to unparalleled educational resources.


                Simplify investing through myEQUITY, our industry-leading online account management system. myEQUITY makes it easy for investors to direct and manage their accounts with intuitive online wizards and a clear line of sight to account data.

                RECOGNIZED LEADER

                Our track record of excellence is unmatched in the industry. With 45 years of financial service experience, over 150,000 investors rely on us to custody over $25 billion in assets.

                SERVICE EXCELLENCE

                Recognized as an exceptional service provider, we have nearly 400 employees dedicated to you. We serviced 1,000 calls per business day in 2018, completing 1.2 million transactions – Over 3,500 a day!

                Enjoy True Investment Freedom

                As your directed custodian, Equity Trust enables you to use IRAs and other tax-advantaged accounts to invest in a wide range of assets. With an Equity Trust account you have the opportunity to invest in difficult-to-value alternative assets such as real estate, precious metals, private equity, and more. Additionally, you can invest in traditional assets such as stocks and mutual funds all through a single custodian.


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                Its as simple as 1-2-3. Open and fund your new account, then start investing in the almost-endless possibilities.


                Open an Account


                Fund an Account


                Make Your Investments

                START TODAY

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                Get answers to your questions and learn more about building wealth with tax-advantaged accounts.

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